Webtoon BOYFRIENDS Club Penguin Cosplay Music Video Cinematic Universe

You've seen GOTH, PREP, JOCK, and NERD, from Refrainbow's hit Webtoon web comic Boyfriends, but you've NEVER seen them like this! Depicted in the fantastical world of Club Penguin, Macklemaeda sends everybody's favorite polycule onto the emotional rollercoaster of a lifetime in this thrilling saga. How far will they go for love to win? Find out in Webtoon BOYFRIENDS in CLUB PENGUIN!

The WBCPCMVCU is intended for mature audiences only, and contains adult language and themes, as well as frequent flashing visuals. Viewer discresion is advised.

Watch the Complete Series!

Episode One: Want Hot Choccy (Original Webtoon Ad)

Episode Two: My Boner And Yours (Our Boners)

Episode Three: Bros In The Iggy

Webtoon BOYFRIENDS in Club Penguin: The CPCMV: The Series: The Movie Musical

Watch the Music Videos!

Vincent PREP and Kevin JOCK in Fire Burning

Adrian NERD and Kevin JOCK in Kevin Be Mine

Nagito KOMAEDA in Ko Bananza

Nagito KOMAEDA in Somebody That I Used To Ko

Kevin JOCK in Bet On It

Adrian NERD in Animal I Have Become

Vincent PREP and Felix GOTH in Run Fast For Your Boyfriends

Vincent PREP, Kevin JOCK, and Felix GOTH in Every Time We Touch

Vincent PREP and Felix GOTH in Boyfriends (In Club Penguin)

Felix GOTH in Knight Of Love (Battle Cry For Jock The Fallen)

Kevin JOCK et al. in You Can't Fight The Boyfriends


Macklemaeda Productions does not own Webtoon, Refrainbow's Boyfriends, Disney's Club Penguin, Garfield, Nagito Komaeda, nor any songs credited as such in our work. This series is a parody work of fan fiction. See the original Webtoon BOYFRIENDS here!