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Greetings, EveryMaeda!

We hope your 2023 is going awesome so far!

As many of you saw in this PSA created by us, Mackle and Maeda, the Official MACKLEMAEDA Productions Website was infected with what seemed to be an unidentified virus in October of 2022, causing the appearances of several “unsettling” webpages.

MACKLEMAEDA Productions LLC highly values fostering a safe, cyber-secure environment for our fans. While our website does not and has never collected any information from visitors, we still want to assure you all that no user data was compromised during this incident, and our website remains 100% SAFE. We can also assure you all that there was no virus, and no unauthorized access to server files has been detected since December 2022. Furthermore, all of the strange files uploaded to our site have been thoroughly tested by our team and were found to be completely harmless to site visitors. Due to this guarantee of safety, and out of a desire for total transparency, we have decided that all such pages will be left fully intact on our website as they originally appeared. A full documentation of the incident report can be found here.

Finally, we would like to thank you all for your patience and unwavering support through this incident. Several of you in our Discord Server and SubReddit have helped to investigate these strange happenings, and for this, we are forever thankful. The Macklemmunity is stronger than ever and will only continue to grow! Keep your eyes peeled for new projects coming on the horizon for the rest of 2023!

See you soon!

Mackle & Maeda

Director(s) and CEO(s) of MACKLEMAEDA Prods. LLC
#BigThingsAreComing #MACKLEMAEDAto1M